Tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water. From the Asia to Europe tea is enjoyed both hot and cold. It has been around for 5,000+ years and has the distinction of being one of the most revered beverages around the globe. Whether drinking it hot or over ice, this tasty brew is second only to water in worldwide beverage consumption.

Research findings

Hundreds of scientific research studies have linked regular consumption with increased health benefits. The research findings have attracted the attention of scientists, medical professionals, holistic providers, and health-conscious consumers around the globe who are seeking natural solutions to promote wellness and address a plethora of health-related concerns.

Assam teas

Assam is a full bodied tea with good malty flavour, which is good all day. The Assam valley in Indian is dominated by the Brahmaputra River - a large slowly meandering river which over millennia of spring and fall flooding has deposited a rich loam over the valley. The soil is a deep and sandy and the region suffers a very hot and steamy monsoon season, but equally important a relatively dry and cool winter. Perfect conditions for the Assam tea bush.